Creation Info
Creator: Willowleaf
Created in Version: Not in Game
Race Info
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Type: Organic - Sentient
Temperature Range: {{{temperature range:}}}
Average Life Span: 1 - 2 hundred thousand years
Civilization Info
Astral Date as Civilization: Unknown
Civilization Style: Passive
Technology Level: Attributed By Giassada Race
Empire Size: Attributed By Giassada Race

The Ssada-Mia

The Ssada-Mia are the servants, apprentices and people of the gissada, they are genetically designed with most of the giassada traits, the are completely immune to all viruses and illnesses known and unknown, they also have increased healing, hearing, seeing, and a weak biological field to allow them to sense life near them, and they also have a quite major ability known as the beast tongue allowing them to without knowing pick up the complete language of any race they meet, this allows them to speak every language of every race even beast races that don't really have much of a language or civilization, their life span is only about a few hundred thousand years but unlike the gissada they are able to breed and keep very large numbers, most of the Ssada-Mia live in The Council City but a lot are apprentices of giassada researchers, they also are in the Giassada Council and actually are a big part of the council,