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Planetoid 3 wiki is a place to find everything Planetoid 3 related! You can find info on every unit in the game, strategies, tips, hints, and tons more.

Planetoid 3 is a Freeware Indie Space Strategy Game made with Game Maker, and it's lots of fun. You start out by choosing your race, and setting up some things for your solar system. After that, a completely random Solar System is generated, so you'll never play the same solar system twice! You then get to expand your civilization, conquer other planets, interact with the nearby alien race, destroy things, manage your resources, and over all have a good experience with one of the best Game Maker games.


You can find all of the places to download Planetoid 3 here. The most recent version is V 2.5.0

Mirror 1 - Tasty Ham Games -V 2.5.0-

Mirror 2 - YoYoGames -V 2.5.0-

Mirror 3 - IndiePubGames -Version Unknown-

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