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Heart Of Darkness:Remember to build fighter to destroys enemy's's easier to destroy a transporter and cost less that to try to take a enemy's planet

Supafly:A very effective way to conquer an enemy's planet is to land 2 or 3 trasnport ships on it. Build a house or 2, then take one or your guys and circle around the planet. It takes a while to destroy all the buildings, but you don't lose anyone if you do it fast enough.

Elmzran:If you plan to wipe out a key enemy planet, consider building multiple nukes, so you can destroy it with one huge explosion!

If you're preparing to destroy a planet by using your guys, build around 5 full transports and 3 Hunters. You'll at least land 2 Transports, since the enemy usually has their planets well defended.

Supafly:Hunters are very inaccurate. You'll want to manually control them. Heart Of Darkness':You can change the group of a ship.Press ctrl,the desired number and the selected ship must be selected when you press that number.To see the group of a ship,look at the green number under it.

Astrangegamer:When placing buildings, don't place the bottom on the surface, go down into the planet until it turns red, then go back to when you can place it. It takes less space than the main placement, allowing more.

Mokushi:It's never a good idea to colonize a moon orbiting an enemy planet. It's an even worse idea to then put a megatonx on that moon, and use it to destroy the planet.

Supafly:Place buildings as close together as possible to maximize planet useage.