The Planetoid is one of the Galaxy's most feared objects. With the power to destroy an entire planet upon contact, along with being nearly indestructible, all tremble at it's sight. It was created by Narzelm at the start of 2E, either after the Hominids nearly wiped out the Zorguls, or to destory Yizi, the home planet of the Shockies. He decided that not punishing his creations will make them short lived, thus he created this monstrosity.

The Planetoid is hard, dense, and imbued with a special type of Keldanyum, which is extremely rare. Many have tried mining The Planetoid for it's minerals, but have died from lethal radiation that emits from it's core. Tons of races have placed tracking devices on The Planetoid, to see where it goes in the Galaxy, and where it's next target will be. There exists only one Planetoid in the Galaxy, and if it's destroyed, it later reincarnates as an even deadlier Planetoid. The Planetoid is able to travel across the Galaxy, naturally, at extremely high speeds, and only slows down when entering a system to carefully approach it's target.

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