The Planet Desgolth is most known for it's use as a Creoeric planet and the shell of the Arskainan Rift, the planet is mostly volcanic and very hot with an ashy crude atmosphere, the Creoeric built several huge metal pillars down into the rift entrance and the metal pillars also acted as housing and a base of operations for the Creoeric, the planet it's self was uninhabitable for life although the Creoeric first evolved on a world very similar to it

The Desgolth Portal Edit

The portal came from with in the world making the world's shell very thin and weak causing problems to it's integrity, although the planet remained in tact until Part three of "The End" where the Giassada lay waste to the planet and it collapses in on it's self, and the sphere becomes visible

Desgolth Portal
Visible Desgolth Portal