Planets are an important part of the game. Nearly all activity happens on them and moons, excluding space fights and unit transportation.

Currently, all buildings are being built on the surface of planets/moons, but in future, players can build satellites, orbital mining stations and other stuff that are in space instead of being on planets.

Oxygenless planet

Oxygenless planet

Also see Habitable planets, Gas Giants, and Oxygenless Planets.

Stats Edit

Each planet has it's own stats.

Stats are:

  • Name - Each planet has a randomly generated name.
  • Population - Shows the population of planet; current number of people and max amount of people that the planet can hold.
  • Life - Shows health of the planet. When this becomes zero, the planet explodes.
  • Oxygen - Shows the Oxygen level of planet. When it hits zero, a planet is uninhabitable for races that need oxygen.
  • Degrees Shows how warm or cold a planet is in Celsius. When the planet gets hit by an ice comet or Fire comet, the degrees go down.
  • Diameter - Shows the size of the planet.
  • Cycles - This is currently an inactive feature in the game.
Planet stats

Very basic stats of a planet