AV Ironman
Creation Info
Creator: Original Race
Created in Version: 1.0
Race Info
Planet of Origin: {{{planet of origin:}}}
Type: Robotic Cube
Temperature Range: {{{temperature range:}}}
Average Life Span: 175 Astral Years
Civilization Info
Astral Date as Civilization: 3E 01 - 001
Civilization Style: Aggressive/Researchers
Technology Level: Galactic Tech 4
Empire Size: Medium


The Ironmen are one of the many original races of the Planetoid Galaxy and were first introduced in Planetoid 3. They are of complex design, a few tweeks and changes from a Hominid.


The Ironmen have, like most in Planetoid 3, a short and simple history. They are aggressive researchers and have been this way since the beginning.