AV Inverted
Creation Info
Creator: Original Race
Created in Version: 1.0
Race Info
Planet of Origin: {{{planet of origin:}}}
Type: Organic Energy Cube
Temperature Range: {{{temperature range:}}}
Average Life Span: 150 Astral Years
Civilization Info
Astral Date as Civilization: E2 01 - 001
Civilization Style: Aggressive Invaders
Technology Level: Galactic Tech 5
Empire Size: Large


The Inverted are one of the many original races in the Planetoid Galaxy and were first introduced in Planetoid 2 Return of the Mass. They were introduced as the opposite of the Hominids, an evil race bent on the destruction of a new dimension. They are of simple design, a quick inverted look from the Hominids.


The Inverted have, unlike the other Planetoid 2 races, a long and fruitful history. Their history began when a large collection of Inverted came out of an interdimesnional mirror on a Hominid world, and is more based on their battles against the Hominids, and have long been at war with them. So far, they have been a favorite in the Planetoid Series.