Creation Info
Creator: Original Building
Created in Version: 0
Production Info
Keldanyum Production: +0
Energy Production: +0
Construction Info
Keldanyum Required: 200
Energy Required: 0
Construction Slots: 2
Required Research: None

The House is one of most important buildings when you start the game, once a house is constructed new people will start to appear. If you upgrade the house people will spawn faster depending on it's level, houses also control the maximum population limit of one planet, but be careful if too many people are on one planet it can affect oxygen levels and cause problems.

Related Strategies Edit

  • A good strategy to destroy your opponent is to befriend them, and build some houses to their planets and wait until you have enough people to take their planets over. Then go to war with them, and destroy all their buildings and citizens.

Known Bugs/Glitches Edit