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In Planetoid 3 it is important to keep a good balanced economy between keldanyum production, energy production, and energy consumption, if it tipped too much to one side you could find your self in a difficult situation, especially if you're at war or something that would require a large consumption of resources, but don't worry keeping a balanced economy and repairing a damaged economy are fairly easy tasks, here are the basics:

Your Economy consists of Keldanyum Production, Energy Production, and Energy Consumption, your main resources building are the keldanyum extractor and the solar power plant, you can also mine resources from other sources, but your basic income come from mines, you always want energy to spare because not only do most buildings and ship require energy and keldanyum to be built, but if you lose a power plant or build a shield or turret your energy production will fall and you will want some backup production,

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