AV Cat
Creation Info
Creator: Original Race
Created in Version: 1.0
Race Info
Planet of Origin: {{{planet of origin:}}}
Type: Organic Cube
Temperature Range: {{{temperature range:}}}
Average Life Span: 115 Astral Years
Civilization Info
Astral Date as Civilization: 2E 01 - 001
Civilization Style: Aggressive/Traders
Technology Level: Galactic Tech 4
Empire Size: Large


The Cats are one of the many original races in the Planetoid Galaxy and were first introduced in Planetoid 2 Return of the Mass. They are somewhat of a complex design, a fairly easy transversion of the Hominids; cats acusomed to cubes.


The Cats have, unlike most in Planetoid 2, an eventful and long history. Their main history began with the meeting their arch enemies, the Dogs. And ever since meeting them, the Cats fought and fought, advancing their powers doing it. This occured until the end of 2E, when the Dogs were annihalated, and were one of the only races ever destroyed in the entire Planetoid Galaxy. And so far, they have been a favorite of the Planetoid Series.