Arskainan Rift

Arskainan Rift

The Arskainan Rift is a space anomaly that the Creoeric used to travel between universes. The first portal used to reach the rift was built inside a planet called Desgolth. The portal stretched nearly the entire distance of the world and causes the world to be very unstable and dangerous. A main shaft was carved down into the world and directly into the Desgolth Portal; once through, the portal ships would emerge in the rift itself. From there, the rift acted as a station for their development. Inside it, they were protected from the creators' reach, including Narzelm, as they were also able to use it to travel and enter other creator universes. Using the rift, the Creoeric also disappeared many times from time and space, and even Narselm did not no where they were. The effect of this stunned other civilizations, because although in history books, it mentioned the fearsome Creoeric, they didn't mention where they were, or even when they disappeared. It was as if people were fighting the Creoeric, and then their planets simply disappeared, and the wars ended.

But more on the rift; it acts as a sub layer under the creators' universes and also acts as an infinite void where planets, stars, and just general galactic mass can hide if they enter. The physics don't appear to be local to one universe, but more to whatever enters. Objects from Narzelm's Universe, like the Creoeric which appear to be the only solid objects in the rift, seem to posses gravity, magnetism, and other forces from the Planetoid Galaxy. Where as other objects, like gasses and energy from other sources, wherever they may have come from, have other laws that are not found in the Planetoid galaxy, and thus have strange properties that would otherwise never have been seen. For some time, the Creoeric studied the void as they lived in it and they learned much. They believed that the void acted as a mental level for all creators, and their powers too, were contained within the void, and the rift they were in.

They studied it for plenty of time, and although many things were strange, there they knew that it did somehow link to the creators, and for sometime, the Creoeric were trying to learn how to steal a creator's powers for their own, and they also believed they could hear the creators' infinite thoughts, echoing in the skies and through their machines.

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